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CTE Month February 2016

CTE Month Ideas

February 2016 we celebrate Career Technical Education month and what better way than to showcase the great things these classes teach and do? Here are some ideas to promote your class to counselors, administrators, parents, students, and the community:

  1. Host a CTE course information session during lunch and bring photos of your students
  1. Provide and industry guest speaker during lunch
  1. Invite teachers and administrators to your class to see what you do in your program
  1. Have your principal or other staff serve as judges/evaluators for student projects and presentations
  1. Contact a local radio station to provide a PSA for CTE
  1. Host an essay contest for students on how CTE has helped them—to be published in your CTE newsletter
  1. Write an article about CTE for your school’s newspaper
  1. Create a window display with student work, projects, photos, and artifacts
  1. Create a display in the main office or student service center with student work, projects, photos, and artifacts
  1. Play a CTE Month PSA on the school announcements
  1. Provide some sort of “freebie” or discount to be used with your class (ie…a Foods class offers a coupon to enjoy the class’s finished product on a given day)
  1. Create a flier or promotional brochure and hand out to staff or any interest group
  1. Participate in a community service event with your class and publicize it at your school or local newspaper
  1. Order calendars with your contact information on them and give them to employers as a thank you for working with your students
  1. Have your students put on a college or career fair at your school
  1. Have your students conduct job interview and resume trainings for students on campus in preparation for a job fair that you will host
  1. Think of your own ideas, be creative, and HAVE FUN!!!

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